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Delicias Campus History

Historical review

With the idea of ​​providing a benefit to the student community of the south central region of the state, in April 1986 a group of professionals proposed the creation of Delicias campus of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration being the rector Rodolfo Torres Medina and principal Mario Salcido Ornelas.

The Technical Council of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration in its meeting held on July 10, 1986, agreed to create an extension in this city.

Starting classes on August 20, 1986 at the premises of the then Junior High School 47, Carson High School today, a total of 130 students and 32 teachers’ plant.


1986. - Bachelor José Isabel Tarango Rivero.

1987. - Bachelor Andrés Alberto Neri Jiménez.

1988. - Bachelor Armando López Rivas.

1988 to 1989. – Bachelor Alfredo Aguirre Órnelas.

1990 to 2003. - M.A. Cecilia Torres Duarte.

2003 at the time. - M.A.R.H María Elvira González Anchondo.

1991. Having started with the careers in Accounting and Bachelor of Business Administration, classes were held in the premises of the defunct high school No. 47, today Carson High School, time after the Faculty moved to the former premises of High School 20-30 and in 1991 work began on the present building, with facilities at that time of the High School Benito Juárez.

Finish the first generation of Licensed Public Accountants and Business Administration.

1992. Masters in Management starts with a total of 35 students, as well as initiates the Diploma of English and Computer.

In the same year the presentation of Entrepreneur Program was implemented for the first time, which is still carried out each semester, being Delicias campus the pioneer in this area within the university.

1995. Under the direction of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration Principal, M.A. Carlos Durán Morales, the auditorium, with seats for 110 people, was inaugurated. And 3 classrooms for graduate studies were also built in the following year.

At the same time is remodeled and widens the library increasing its bibliographic collection, and the cafeteria is built for the benefit of teachers, students and administrative staff.

Also graduates the first generation of Masters in Business Administration.

1998. This year the Faculty of Accounting and Administration Delicias Campus hosted the 5th Meeting of the Binational Micro and Small Enterprises, thanks to the joint efforts of the University of Silver City and the Autonomous University of Chihuahua.

1999. Starts the application of admission tests in the city, offering one more service to the students, since previously they had to present it in the city of Chihuahua.

2001. Take place the celebrations of the XV (fifteenth) anniversary, with the participation of Mr. Erick Guerrero Rosas, folk dance Company of the UACH showed up and presentations in City Theatre’s work "Pink Floyd the Wall".

On October 15 of that year, the inaugural class videoconferencing class was conducted, adopting modern communications equipment.

2002. Teachers room was remodeled equipping it with a computer with access to the Internet for use of the professors.

Also, the basketball courts were remodeled, and began the English laboratory construction.

That same year, a Ford Econoline van type SUV, with seating for 11 passengers was received.

2003. The new library with modern and spacious facilities was opened, also computer equipment with access to the Internet were made ​​available to students in order to make their assignments and research.

With the C. P. Raul Espinoza as principal an automobile Nissan Tsuru 4 doors was acquired, which became part of the faculty transport equipment.

2004. The expansion of the cafeteria opened, resulting in an approximate capacity of 80 people.

2005. With the C. P. Raul Arturo Chávez Espinoza as the Rector and CPC Ramiro Valles Martinez as Principal of the Faculty, start with the complete renovation of the offices, teacher’s room and living room of professional examinations offering an infrastructure and cutting-edge image providing a great service in all the areas.

2006. Concludes the construction of two classrooms for the undergraduate area, achieving with this satisfy the need for more space for the convenience of students.

The following services are offered to the community:

Complete careers in Accounting and Business Administration.

Core subjects for Degree in Computer Systems Management, Bachelor Degree in Government Administration and Financial Management.

In August we celebrated the twentieth anniversary feasting our founding teachers.

2008. It is delivered to the Institution a van to transport the students in their different activities.

2010. It takes place the remodeling of the auditorium of the Faculty and the modernization of computer equipment as well as the conditioning of a room for SAFCA (students society).

Technology and Facilities

We have 4 Modern Computer labs provided with 160 computer equipment, including library area, and 20 guns projection for use in classrooms. In addition we offer free Wi-Fi.

Our library is one of the most updated of the region as we constantly acquisitions are made, ​​jointly we offer access to electronic databases such as Ebsco, Pro Quest, Official Gazette, among others.

Student Population

Currently, our faculty has a population of 624 undergraduate students, 110 more in the area of ​​graduate and a plant of 74 professors.

Educational Offer

We offer careers in Accounting and Bachelor of Business Administration, and the following graduate studies: Human Resources, Administration, Taxes, Audit and Marketing.


The Delicias Campus has its own building which has suffered a positive transformation from acquisition to date.

Counting on:

17 Undergraduate Salons

2 Graduate classrooms

1 Auditorium

1 Video conference room

1 Living room for professional examinations

1 Library

3 Computer labs

2 tennis-ball basketball

1 Cafeteria

1 Cafeteria for graduate students

1 Room for student society

Administrative area

Green Areas

Sports and Cultural Activities

Within the Faculty you can develop sporting and cultural activities such as Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Chess, Serenade, Group Jazz, and Folk Dance.

Linking with the Productive Sector

We maintain a close link with the productive sector, which benefits both students and employers. In this sense we have signed cooperation agreements with various agencies such as:

Ministry of Rural Development, Municipality of Delicias, CANACINTRA, CANACO, College of Public Accountants, among others.

Social responsibility

Always concerned about our environment, we reaffirm our commitment to the community, participating in various projects and social programs.

Social Service.

The Social Service students provide in government institutions and municipal, state or federal has come to be a mutual benefit, which is accepted and carried out with professionalism and responsibility.

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